Friday, August 12, 2011

Eating Well on a Dollar a Day with the Coupon Man

Is eating well on a dollar a day impossible? Not at all. More and more people are showing it can be done. For example "The Coupon Man" can eat well on a dollar a day or less. Who is the Coupon Man?

Well I came across this article called "Who Eats Well on a Dollar a Day? The Coupon Man Can." Check out the article. Interesting stuff about a guy who has this eating on a dollar a day thing all figured out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating (Well) on a Buck ( Dollar, $1) a Day

(This Introduction post is future dated. Read below for updates)

I keep seeing all these sites and blogs about eating for a dollar a day. My spin ( I'm sure others have done the same but I don't really follow that many blogs), though hardly orginal, is to eat WELL on $1 a day.

What defines "well"? Well... for this blog I am going to define it in 2 ways: 1. Eating Quality Food. 2. Eating Fairly Healthy.

I am going to try to eat and create menus that include food that is palatable and includes very little "junk food."

I am a little...oh, not sure what the right word is. Let's just say I don't like when people make it seem like you can't eat well cheap. Or that healthy foods are more expensive and unavailable to poor people ( well, sometimes they are, but that's another issue that I will definitely get into later), that eating cheap requires extreme calorie restriction, or that junk and/or desperation food ( ramen noodles, beans&rice, etc) are the only options.

I will expand more on this intro post later, add some links, and all that good stuff. I just wanted to get something down to kickoff this blog.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I pretty much abandoned this idea

It is NOT easy at all to eat well or eat at all for a buck a day. I start this blog because I was sick of people ruining their health by seeing how cheaply they could eat by eating junk.

I stand by my belief that it is NOT expensive to eat well with proper planning and food preparation. I just don't think 1 dollar is doable. I do think there are healthier alternatives to what others are doing though.